A wide range of Electrical Stampings & Lamination according to their drawings and design.


New Items

Manufacturer & Supplier of New Items & Decarb Annealing Process. Our product range also comprises of Electrical Stamping, Machine Stamping and Motors Stampings.

Decarb Annealing Process

We have installed a Semi Continuous Decarb Annealing Furnace (Decarb Annealing Process) under the name and style of Pooja Decarb (P) LTD with a installed capacity of 200 M.T. per month for Decarb Annealing and Bluing of Semi Processed Steel and thus converting the same into Electrical grade material suitable for Electrical Stampings. Under this Process the Stampings pass through different chambers which are electrically heated having positive atmosphere so as to reduce the Carbon% and develop a uniform Grain Structure thereby reducing the Watt losses of the material.